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Kongai: More To Come

In case you haven't heard of Kongai, it's's site-wide virtual card game. By playing various games on Kongregate. you win cards for Kongai. Or, you can just buy Kongai cards straight up if you prefer. You can even go straight to Kongai, pick a few free cards, then earn cards while playing Kongai itself. Anyway, we're working on the game again.

Right now, we have 20 new characters and 20 new items in development. (Remember, a character card in Kongai is a lot more substantial than a card in other card games. It contains not just an ability and character stats, but also four attacks for the character, each with their own abilities and stats.) This new set of cards doubles the size of the game. With 800 1on1 matchups, and many times that if you factor in that you can also choose an item card for each character, it's a lot to consider! And factor in that games are played with 3 vs 3 characters or 5 vs 5, and that's a ton of combinations of things that can happen!

We're fixing bugs and balance issues every day now, in both the new set and the old cards. I've made over 100 changes in the last 4 days alone, and I'm completely exhausted from it, but we'll keep going. As usual, the balancing goal is to have no "god tier" characters (so powerful that you must play them or lose), no "garbage tier" characters (so weak that it's unreasonable to ever pick them), and to have the difference in power level from the strongest to weakest characters be a small as possible. We're actually so buried under bugs right now that we probably don't need more than a few beta testers, but soon we'll expand the beta test to more and more people, and then push it to live servers in what's hopefully a good state. Ok, back to work now.


More of My Evolution 2009 Matches

First up is Sirlin vs. Damdai in the team tournament. Damdai is an excellent player and I think it's helpful that I can show both a loss and a win against him. You can see what it looks like when I'm trying to get in and what it looks like when I am applying pressure. Too bad I let him jump in a couple times without even trying to flame kick it, and one time I was waiting for the jump in and pumping the stick for my anti-air super, but missed it. I should have just tried flame kick in that case. Anyway, here are the matches:

Here's another comparison case of a win and a loss against the same player, this time Chris Doyle. I had never

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Some of My Matches From Evolution 2009

After all the talk on forums about how bad Fei Long is, I played him a lot at Evolution. Here's the first match from the team tournament, Sirlin vs. Ryan Hart (of Tekken fame).


Sirlin vs. Thelo, aka "best defensive Honda." People seem not to know who Thelo is, but they should! He's a regular and annoying down-back player. Is Fei Long vs. Honda impossible?


Sirlin vs. Psychocronic's Bison. I miss the

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Daigo on SF HD Remix

Some people have asked if Daigo talked to me about SF HD Remix at Evolution. Yes, he did. It started with Japanese player Kuni asking a few questions about the game, then I pointed Kuni to for all the detailed information about the changes. The next day had read some of it and I think passed on some info to Daigo. I'm not actually sure how much or little Daigo played at that point, but he told me face-to-face what he thought:

Daigo said when a game is altered, a lot of the time it loses the essence of what made it good. In SF HD Remix, he says the essence is still there, with new things he likes, too. Then he said that if the game were released in Japanese arcades, he thinks it would be a hit.

In Japan, a console version isn't *that* important to the competitive scene, while an arcade version is necessary. Not true in the US anymore, but very true in Japan. Even the console version isn't available there, though. Kuni told me that some players have a North American Xbox (silver) account, so that lets them purchase SF HD Remix, then they can switch back to their Japanese account to actually play it. It's a hassle though, so they'd certainly appreciate a real console release, but what they *really* want is an arcade release.

If there's demand, maybe Capcom Japan will do it, who knows.


Evolution 2009

The 2009 edition of the biggest annual fighting game tournament in the US is now over. Evolution featured six main fighting games this year, and though I'll mostly talk about Street Fighter HD Remix, and quick notes about a couple other games at the end.

Street Fighter HD Remix Team Tournament

Let's start with the team tournament. After reading hundreds and hundreds of posts about how Fei Long is bad, written by people who don't know the first thing what they are talking about, I picked Fei Long in the team tournament. I beat entire teams by myself, back to back. I beat the main defensive Honda (Thelo) and the main offensive Honda (EA Megaman). Thelo went on to get 5th in the singles tournament and EA Megaman already got 3rd at the Devestation tournament in Arizona. I actually have dozens of casual matches recorded of my Fei Long versus both their Hondas and I'll link to them soon so you can see how to win that match. After all that, I asked them if they thought Honda even had *advantage* in that match and EA Megaman said "I don't know anymore" while Thelo just said "This match isn't supposed to be so hard, I don't get it."

Anyway, I also beat Ryan Heart of Tekken fame, Damdai's Ken, Nohoho's Blanka, and more. In fact, I would have won the entire team tournament were it not for losing to Chun Li (I think it was Chris Doyle?). I had him to a sliver of life, baited his jump correctly, then failed to execute my reversal super. I should have just gone for flame kick, but oh well, that was the difference between us winning the tournament and getting 2nd. My teammates lost to him too. Antonio (Blanka, Bluetallcans on xbla) and famous Zangief player Kuni were great, but didn't pull it off that time.

In an ironic footnote, NKI, who has loudly complained how terrible Chun Li is, lost to Chun Li in the team tournament while playing as Bison (dictator). Though I beat like a dozen people myself in that tournament, one of the only two to beat me was Chun Li. NKI went on to lose the semifianls the next day as Dictator as well. Strategy: lose with Dictator while others win with Chun Li? I told Caesar, Chun Li player from Southern California: "If Chun Li is the worst character in the game (she isn't, right?), then she is the most powerful worst character ever in a fighting game." Caeser laughed and said "she seems ok to me."

Main SF HD Remix Tournament

Since I beat just about everyone the day before with Fei Long, hey, why not keep going. I picked Fei Long against almost every opponent,

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