Upgraded Components for Pandante and Flash Duel Kickstarter

I’m going to make a change to the Pandante stretch goals that benefits all our backers.

Pandante is such a great game that I want to put out the best version I possibly can components-wise, no matter what funding level we reach. Even if we only raise a portion of what’s needed to fully fund this print run, I’m willing to pay for the component upgrades that I think Pandante and Flash Duel should have. I’m hoping that eventually positive word of mouth about the games will make that a worthwhile choice.

Golden Panda Coin. This coin is so hype! When you feel it in your hands, it has a coolness factor that makes you want to win it in the game. I didn’t know what the quality of the coin would be when we first started out, but now that I have physical samples and I can see how great it is, we just have to have it even if it costs me a lot.

Also, it's huge. One player thought it should be called a gold medal, rather than a coin!

  • Pandante deluxe will have the 2” metal coin, no stretch goal for it, you just get it.
  • The $25 Pandante expansion will also have the same metal coin.

There’s also Flash Duel. I’m pretty happy about the adjustments to the core system we’ve done. Removing the last-hits mechanic makes it simpler to explain and more focused on the back and forth part of the game that you’d hope was the emphasis anyway. Balance is in a better state now too. I want to follow that up with another component upgrade:

Flash Duel will contain 21 character standups, rather than pawns. No stretch goal, you just get it.

And there’s more. I want to thank all our kickstarter backers, I’m so grateful for their support. So I want to include the 3 extra Pandante casino cards for all kickstarter backers (not part of the retail products) at all levels. That means if you get the deluxe version, standard version, or the expansion, you’ll get these 3 extra casino cards. The extra cards are a bit crazier than the rest of the casinos, so I bet you’ll enjoy that.

Your Help

Would you like to help spread the joy of Pandante? I know a lot of you have the print-and-play version—hundreds of people downloaded it for free last weekend—so if you happen to play it, post your thoughts somewhere before the campaign ends. It could be on Boardgamegeek, or anywhere else. Let us know if you do!

Here’s some great examples so far:

Also, can you tweet some funny images (or clever text) about Pandas to #LyingPandas or #Pandante? I actually don’t know if that would help at all, but it would be fun and I was looking forward to laughing at some of them. ;)


Here’s the bottom line summary:

  • Pandante deluxe will have the 2” metal Panda Coin
  • Pandante expansion will have it too
  • Flash Duel will have 21 character standups rather than pawns
  • All pledge levels (of $25 or more) get the 3 extra Pandante casino cards, for backers only (not part of the retail product later)
  • You post your thoughts on the game somewhere, or tweet to #LyingPandas or #Pandante

Thanks for your support everyone! (Pandante and Flash Duel kickstarter link.)