Yomi Menelker and Persephone decks now available

The Menelker & Persephone decks are now available, both the physical and print-and-play version. You can get them here.

Menelker and Persephone are both very powerful-feeling characters, which is consistent with their lore. Menelker can force the opponent to discard, like no one else. He can destroy cards in the opponent’s discard pile too, which no one else can do. He has truly embraced whatever “taboo tactics” he needs to in order to win. His AAAA super is also one of the best in the game.

Persephone’s dominant personality shines through in her gameplay as well. She can keep opponents on their knees with repeated knockdowns while she draws more and more cards. She can somewhat control which cards opponents draw, and she can outright control their combat choices too with Mistress’s Command. Even though she’s fair and balanced in the end, her wins feel like a fantasy when they are happening because she can be so domineering when she gets going.

You can also play these characters in the web version at www.fantasystrike.com and the iOS version too, which is now on both iPad and iPhone. The physical versions ship worldwide from www.sirlingames.com.