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Character Lore and EX Card Roundup

There's only two days left in the Yomi kickstarter, so please pledge now if you're interested. (It ends Wednesday at midnight, US Pacific Time.) Pledging now lets you get the decks months ahead of the retail release, as well as *free* 2-deck set of the minimalist Panda vs. G.Panda decks once we hit the $150k.

In the updates section of the kickstarter, there's now character lore for all 20 characters, as well as images of all their new "EX cards" and text about how to use them. The EX cards allow you to play overpowered versions of Yomi characters. These aren't intended to be balanced, but they are very fun and flavorful.

Here are links to all the lore / ex card updates: 

That's a lot of info to soak up, so enjoy!
(Yomi kickstarter link


Chess 2 Soon on Steam & iPad

Chess 2: The Sequel is coming to Steam & iPad!

Yomi Kickstarter Crosses 100K!

The Yomi kickstarter is doing extremely well! On behalf of the testers, artists, and Thelo the lead programmer of the online version, we all thank you for your support.

We reached $100K funding already, and I'm really hoping we can go further since it's actually more expensive than that to fund a whole print run, shipping, and all the art costs. Anyway, if we can get even more backers then I'll be able to give out a free set of unusual, minimalist Yomi decks called Panda vs. G.Panda. And beyond that everyone can get foil Aces maybe. More on all that later.

For now, I just wanted to highlight that I've started posting about character lore and the new EX cards for every character. So far there are 6 characters revealed:

Grave, Jaina, Midori & Setsuki
Rook & DeGrey 

There's more to come!


Yomi EX Box

Here's the EX Powerup box for the new Yomi! (Don't miss the kickstarter.)


As you can see, it features new art of all 20 characters. Overall the box is as simple, bold, and elegant as I could make it. For practical reasons of selling, boxes need more text and info on them than you see here. That's why the box will have a sleeve around it with more text, but you'll remove that sleeve and forget about it later. I did the same kind of thing with the Pandante Deluxe box to make it extra elegant.

Here's the EX Powerup box with the sleeve wrapped around. The front has a circular cutout where you can see the actual box underneath.



It will be a great, stylish way to store all 20 Yomi decks—and oh by the way it's also an expansion to powerup all 20 characters and more! Get it on kickstarter.


Yomi Kickstarter launch!

The Yomi kickstarter is up right now!

Yomi now comes in two 4-deck sets called Round 1 and Round 2.

The other 12 decks will be sold individually, but they will release over a period of several months after Round 1 and Round 2 ship...UNLESS you back Yomi on kickstarter. Kickstarter backers only will be able to get all the decks months ahead of everyone else.

10 of these decks are new characters that we've tested for years, but that haven't had a physical release yet. The other 10 are reprints and updates of the original characters. There's balance tweaks, art tweaks, a new layout for ability boxes, way better looking character cards, and a new stat reference card for each deck showing every ALL your character's moves at a glance.

The EX Powerup Expansion

There's also a surprise expansion on top of all that! The EX Powerup expansion gives you overpowered cards with new art(!) and new abilities that you can add to your decks. When you play an EX character, during the powerup phase you get to search for any card in your deck, not just for Aces. This mode is not intended for tournament play, but it's a blast!

Just as exciting is the 2v2 tag team mode. It's sort of like in Marvel vs. Capcom games where one player on each team is on the bench, healing (and getting more cards), and also capable of switching in and doing team combos. You can even do assists.

The EX Powerup expansion also comes with a special, oversized Deathstrike Dragon card that allows you to play as Master Menelker in a 2v1 mode. Can you defeat two challengers at once?

You also get a premium knockdown token. This token is a cool way to mark who is knocked down at any given time. The Round 1 and Round 2 games come with one too, but the EX Powerup one is higher quality.

The BOX is also incredible. I'll reveal how great it looks soon (not yet!). It's designed to hold all 20 decks in a pleasing way, with a character select screen inside to show you what goes where.

Other Ways To Play

You can play Yomi right now on the web or get the iPad version or print-and-play versions. This kickstarter is for the all-new tabletop version though. Visit the kickstarter page for Yomi now, pledge your support, and help unlock more stretch goals for everyone!