The box for the EX Powerup expansion is designed to hold all 20 Yomi decks. It comes with a sleeve around it displaying various product information which the player removes. This allows the box to be minimal, beautiful, and uncluttered.
 Each of the above boxes comes with 4 decks (and a board, knockdown token, and rulebook). Yomi has such good illustrations that I wanted to focus on those as much as possible while removing as much else as I could. Very much inspired from Apple's packaging philosophy.  The front of the tuckbox for each character (see below) shows that character's cardback design, which is an abstract representation of something about that character's style or personality. These abstract designs also have to be rotationally symmetric because of how Yomi's gameplay works.
  These boards give a convenient way to track life totals without pencil and paper. They also depict fights from a theoretical Fantasy Strike fighting game to get you in the right mood for Yomi's theme.
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