Fantasy Strike Expo 2016



The fourth Fantasy Strike Expo will take place June 3rd-5th 2016 near the San Francisco airport. It's a tournament series and casual play event showcasing the Fantasy Strike video game and tabletop games. Come compete, watch, and make new friends with other Fantasy Strikers. Last year's event was really fun so don't miss out.

Registration link:

1350 Veterans Boulevard, S. San Francisco, California 94080 USA
(A new location from last year.)

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All tournaments will take place Saturday and Sunday June 4th and 5th. Tournament finals will take place on Sunday, June 5th.

Tabletop tournaments:

Yomi (2nd Edition)
Pandante (2nd Edition)
(All available at

Video game tournament:

Fantasy Strike (fighting game, pre-alpha stage of development)
(Available ahead of time to $25+ patrons on Patreon)

Get a sneak peek at our fighting game! It's easy to learn, so you can try it out in casual play for a couple days then play in a tournament on the last day.

Who should come?

Really anyone who enjoys these games should come, if possible. And it's not just about the games either, but rather the community of enthusiasts who create a great atmosphere.

Note that this is not just a local event. It's located right next to the San Francisco International Airport to make traveling as easy as possible. There's even a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

One reason to come would be if you're actually good at any of these games. You don't want to let some shmoe win do you? That said, all skill levels are welcome. Attending a tournament is usually quite a learning experience regardless of your skill or lack of it. Even if you don't enter any tournaments at all, plenty of casual play is encouraged as well. It's fun to be in an environment with like-minded people and to make new friends, so you might be interested in attending for the social aspects alone.

3-Day Passes

Keep in mind that three day passes are only available for early registration, which runs until April 30th. After that, only single day passes are available. Sign up now.