Yomi Online Updates: iPhone, EX Characters, and More

We just updated the online version of Yomi. The main big things are:

  • There's now an iPhone version, which you get for free if you have the iPad version. 
  • There are now EX characters in the game.
  • Character reference cards
  • New "Card Collection" feature lets you see every card easily.


Yomi is already on iPad, and now it's on iPhone too. It's a universal app, which means if you buy either version, you get the other for free.

We adjusted the UI to work with the smaller screen. For example, when zooming a card, you can rotate your iPhone to portrait orientation and the card will rotate and zoom to fill the screen so you can read the card more easily. It's pretty slick. Overall, the Yomi experience on iPhone is pretty similar to the iPad version.

Get Yomi in the App Store here (US store).

EX Characters

The EX characters are more powerful than regular characters. They aren't balanced, but they are pretty crazy and fun. Tournaments and Quick Match do not use these characters because Yomi is ultimately a fair and balanced competitive game, but you can get a lot of mileage out of EX Characters.

Here's how they work. An EX character has these changes from a regular character:

  • Instead of your regular character card, you get a powerful EX version (it’s gold!)
  • Add 4 copies of the new rank of face cards to your deck, the Destiny cards.
  • You can Power Up for ANY cards from the draw deck and you don’t have to reveal what you Power Up for.  (You can still Power Up for aces from the discard pile, too.)


  • Play EX vs EX for a new Yomi experience.
  • Let bad players or Yomibot play an EX character against your regular character.
  • Reminder: EX characters are not used in tournaments or in Quick Match.

EX characters might be silly and overpowered, but they still have real design behind them. Their Destiny cards usually highlight and reinforce iconic aspects of the characters, like how EX Midori has a "counter" defensive move, or how EX Setsuki gets to swiftly dash around her opponent. You can imagine Grave in a fighting game using his sword with a slow, powerful Overhead Slice and a quick Rapid Poke—and that's what he gets in his EX form.

Being able to power up for ANY deck card is also quite a different experience. It lets you fetch your Destiny cards often so you get even more use out of them. Or perhaps you really need a specific ability to get around the opponent's? As EX Menelker, do you go for your powerful Aerial Nether Orb to win combat, or fetch an early Into Oblivion to banish your opponent EX Grave's recurring Queen? As EX Argagarg, do you start by getting a Raging River Destiny card, or a second Ace to threaten Blowfish Spikes? As EX Gloria, do you get your Ace of Hearts as soon as possible, or start by fetching a Joker? If you have enough cards to power up, the choice is yours.

To unlock EX Grave (or any other EX character), using a normal character:

Defeat Yomibot Grave 25 times (on hard difficulty).
This unlocks EX Grave as a Yomibot opponent.

Then defeat Yomibot EX Grave 10 times on hard difficulty.
This unlocks EX Grave for casual play.

Or just unlock EX Grave instantly in the in-game store on iOS or the web store on fantasystrike.com!

Survival mode has also been updated and now features EX opponents as Yomibot #5, #10, #15... These opponents will be harder than usual, but you will heal more life than usual for defeating them!

If you play as an EX character in Survival, though, all of your opponents will be EX themselves! Can you use your unique EX skills to survive this onslaught?

There are also new public Survival (and EX Survival) Leaderboards. Compete with your friends and make it as a top Survivalist with your favorite characters.

Character Reference Cards

Another new feature we are introducing to online Yomi today is in-game character reference cards, as seen in newest print version of Yomi (which you can pre-order here, by the way). What if you forgot what speed your opponent's Ace attack is, or what their ability does? Just hover over your opponent's portrait and click to view their character's reference card to show all of that character's gameplay data! (Then click on it to toggle to their character card.)

Card Collection

iOS Yomi players also get a new, full Card Collection screen, available from the main menu. You can check every card in the game on that screen, including the EX cards. Study your deck and your opponents' carefully, and you can become a Yomi master. (Or can you?)

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

And finally, along with this release, we have a fair amount of fixes and minor improvements to the game. Here's the fine print:

- iOS: Chat and gamelog lines display much faster
- The match browser now displays the spectator-view status of custom rooms as an icon
- Added a few Yomibot chat quotes
- Various Yomibot AI improvements
- Fixed BBB's Overdrive not correctly stacking its damage bonus
- Fixed various cases where phantom cards from the opponent would persist on your screen, especially during Bare Your Soul.
- When opening or closing the opponent's mini-discard, the cards now rotate more smoothly
- Web: Fixed bad game resizes when un-maximizing the browser window
- Web: Fixed the /ignore command not working on usernames containing spaces or underscores
- Web: Fixed a graphical issue on some video cards where numbered cards would appear with black areas in the white background
- Web: Fixed "white card syndrome", where other applications could sometimes wipe the card graphics
- iPad: Fixed offline Menelker mirror bug where comboing from a non-fully pumped K into a black face card would apply Bleeding Wounds's discard to yourself
- Fixed mirror-match QMs sometimes showing the right-side character at the wrong position
- Fixed a powerup exploit to get rid of a Bare Your Soul effect without fetching an ace from the deck
- Fixed a spectator information leak from the order of animations for a combo escaped Bonecracker
- Fixed the attack clash lifebar display glitch where the displayed numbers would be incorrect during the animation for player 2
- Fixed Grave's Knowing the Opponent's reward timing so it is immediate when winning combat, not delayed until the end of combat
- Fixed the end-of-game animations so that the win token only appears when a player is declared K.O., not before. (No spoilers!)
- Fixed double KO gameover anim sometimes having a giant cardback image in the center of the screen
- Fixed Speed of the Fox incorrectly triggering during Acrobatics
- Fixed some minor typos and card text

Where to Play Yomi

In case you've lost track of all the ways to play, here's a reminder.