Yomi Rook and DeGrey decks now available

The Rook & DeGrey decks are now available, both the physical and print-and-play version. You can get them here.

Rook the stone golem is the organizer of the Fantasy Strike tournament. He's a powerful grappler, which means he has lots of throws including his devastating (but difficult to land) four Ace super throw.

Normally in Yomi, when your opponent blocks your normal attack, you get to draw a card. But Rook's defense mastery prevents that, so you might find yourself low on cards against him and wanting to block. That plays right into his plan of throwing you though. Rook is also special in all the game in that he's the only character with no dodges at all. He also has the most hit points in the game, and he's just so powerful that he doesn't even need dodges!

While Rook runs the Fantasy Strike tournament, it was DeGrey's idea in the first place. He's a long-time friend of Rook and crusader for truth and justice. Gameplay-wise, DeGrey is Rook's opposite in that he has the craziest Dodge around: a super dodge called Ghost Riposte that returns to his hand if he's not thrown. DeGrey also hits hard—really hard—and his Pilebunker is one of the most solid hits in the game. It requires a good read to land though.

You can also play these characters in the web version at www.fantasystrike.com and the iOS version too, which is now on both iPad and iPhone. The physical versions ship worldwide from www.sirlingames.com.

Come to Fantasy Strike expo this June in San Francisco for a Yomi tournament, too!