Huge Shipping Price Reduction and Yomi Valerie & Geiger decks now available

The shipping prices at to international customers are now massively cheaper. These shipping prices were calculated automatically through several carriers in order to give you the cheapest shipping price (and there was no markup, just the actual cost of shipping internationally). Something screwy happened over time though and these prices rose to prices much higher than the actual shipping costs. I don't know where where in the pipeline this problem occurred, but I've now replaced the entire backend calculation of shipping with another method.

Yesterday: shipping of 2 Yomi decks to Canada cost $36.56.
Today: that same shipping costs $5.86.

Valerie & Geiger Decks

The Valerie & Geiger decks are now available, both the physical and print-and-play version. You can get them here.

Valerie is Rook's artistic advisor at the Morningstar Sanctuary. She's a painter and while she has her ups and downs, that's all part of being creative. She has one blue eye and one green eye and she sees things differently. In gameplay, she's able to play chain combos out of order, which no other character can do. She can speed up her moves at times, and her super move lets her draw a card, which helps her keep the pressure up.

Geiger is Rook's scientific advisor at the Morningstar Sanctuary. He's a watchmaker and scientist who has a special interest in tinkering with time. Geiger may have made contact with an ancient race of beings "unstuck" in time, but we'll save that for the upcoming game, Codex. In Yomi, Geiger can use careful planning to set up huge combos with his Time Spirals.

You can also play these characters in the web version at and the iOS version too, which is now on both iPad and iPhone. And the Steam version is coming very soon! The physical versions ship worldwide from

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