Pandante (and Flash Duel) Kickstarter Next Week

Next week, two of my games are about to get better. Pandante will get an expansion (and revised base sets for those new to the game) and Flash Duel will be reprinted with updated rules and balance. If you're excited when good things get better, I hope you check it out on kickstarter on March 10th.

The print-and-play version of the Pandante expansion is available already here, for $8. You can use your existing deck with it and treat it like an expansion, or use the updated deck graphics it contains if you don't have Pandante yet. Either way, keep in mind you'll need to provide your own chips for betting. By the way, the updated rules will be free, it's the new content (which has new artwork too) that's for sale.

I hope you all are excited for this kickstarter. I like both of these games more now than ever after the last few months of testing rules updates. Stay tuned!