Yomi Menelker and Persephone decks now available

The Menelker & Persephone decks are now available, both the physical and print-and-play version. You can get them here.

Menelker and Persephone are both very powerful-feeling characters, which is consistent with their lore. Menelker can force the opponent to discard, like no one else. He can destroy cards in the opponent’s discard pile too, which no one else can do. He has truly embraced whatever “taboo tactics” he needs to in order to win. His AAAA super is also one of the best in the game.

Persephone’s dominant personality shines through in her gameplay as well. She can keep opponents on their knees with repeated knockdowns while she draws more and more cards. She can somewhat control which cards opponents draw, and she can outright control their combat choices too with Mistress’s Command. Even though she’s fair and balanced in the end, her wins feel like a fantasy when they are happening because she can be so domineering when she gets going.

You can also play these characters in the web version at www.fantasystrike.com and the iOS version too, which is now on both iPad and iPhone. The physical versions ship worldwide from www.sirlingames.com.

Yomi Christmas Shipping

The Yomi kickstarter is shipping to backers right now. All shipping will be completed in the next few days, which means it's my third on-time kickstarter out of three. Yay!

If you missed out on the kickstarter (or if you participated, but want to order even more Yomi stuff), you can order now from sirlingames.com. Right now you can get Yomi Round 1 (4 decks from the base set), Round 2 (4 expansion decks), the EX Powerup expansion, the minimalist Panda vs. G.Panda 2-deck set, and a full set of foil Aces. 12 more decks will come out two at a time over the course of several months. The first release of those will be Menelker and Persephone for PAX East 2015.

Yomi products you order now will ship by December 10th. If you want Yomi before Christmas, it's best to put in that order now. If you order by December 11th, we can confidentially say that it will get to you by December 24th in the US. If you order after that, it might not make it, though you'll have a better chance if you're on the East Coast because that's where it will ship from. Go ahead and order now. ;) If you have any questions about shipping, please contact service@shipnaked.com.

If you're in the US and prefer to order from Amazon, you can also do that. Keep in mind that it will come from the same place and get to you just as fast either way. Here are the Amazon links:

Yomi Round 1
Yomi Round 2
Yomi EX Powerup expansion
Yomi 2-deck set of Panda vs. G.Panda

The Panda vs. G.Panda set is a limited edition, and has a really minimal graphic design style inspired by Pandante. Will it be a collector's item?

Also don't forget the online versions of Yomi. You can play online at fantasystrike.com and also on iPhone or iPad. We recently did a huge update to the iOS version, which you can read about here.

Pandante and Puzzle Strike are also great gifts for the holiday season!